LTS is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Increasing Community Access to Testing (ICATT) program to maximize COVID-19 testing for high-risk communities and people who are uninsured by prioritizing testing resources for symptomatic, exposed, and people at high risk for severe COVID-19. Our testing aligns with CDC national testing priorities. COVID-19 testing is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

LTS offers no-cost testing via self-serve kiosks and manned testing sites. The cost of the test will be paid via health insurance or funding from the CDC ICATT program for the uninsured. Everyone seeking a test will be asked to provide their health insurance information if they are insured. 


  • Symptomatic or exposed or high risk for severe COVID-19. 
  • Anyone age two (2) and older is eligible for testing. 
  • There is no doctor referral required for testing. 


  1. Register at or register at the kiosk (this takes about 5 minutes to complete). 
  2. Bring your confirmation code to the kiosk. 
  3. Hold your confirmation code up to the scanner at the kiosk or enter your 7-digit confirmation code on the kiosk touchscreen. 
  4. Retrieve your test kit and return to your vehicle or other comfortable location to collect your specimen. 
  5. Open the test kit and follow the instructions inside. 
    NOTE: Make sure to scan the test tube label inside the kit to activate your test. 
  6. Once you have completed all steps identified in the instructions, return the sealed specimen bag to the kiosk slot marked “Return Specimen Here”. 
  7. Results will be sent via text to your phone or via email, whichever method you selected.
    If you do not receive your results within 48 hours of last kiosk daily pickup time, call the helpline at (800) 402-0000. 

Self-collected PCR test results will be returned via email and/or text within 48 hours of last kiosk daily pickup time. 


Toll-free contact for questions about registration or results: (800) 402-0000 

Manned Testing Sites 

Rapid antigen test results will be provided directly to the patient on-site at the test location within 30 minutes of specimen collection. Results will also be provided via email and/or text within 48 hours of specimen collection 

PCR test results will be returned via email and/or text within 48 hours of specimen collection.


  • Confirm you meet the preconditions (symptomatic or exposed or high risk for severe COVID-19).  
  • If you have insurance bring your insurance card.  
  • If you do not have health insurance but meet the preconditions you are still eligible to be tested.  
  • The testing process and instructions are provided upon arrival at each manned testing site. 

      Funding by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is not meant to serve as an official endorsement of any particular product or entity by the United States Government.