The buzz these days is all about cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS). Instead of procuring and managing software applications in an on-premises environment, customers subscribe to and use application software in the cloud. This model gives companies the ability to subscribe to certain SaaS applications on an as needed basis, and enables easy connection to these applications from anywhere, at any time, and with any device. As a leader in cloud computing, Oracle offers customers a full suite of modern SaaS applications to help you design, maintain, and grow your company using the most flexible, proven, and secure cloud infrastructure.

No matter what you decide as you contemplate whether to keep your Oracle applications on-premises, move them to the cloud, or design a hybrid IT environment, LTS is here to assist with procurement and setup of new Oracle application in the cloud, migration of existing Oracle applications to the cloud, and managing Oracle applications in the cloud.

Need Oracle applications for your new or existing cloud infrastructure? LTS’ team of Oracle experts can help you get started with:

When it comes to Oracle Cloud Services, you won’t find a more trained, experienced, and capable team of Oracle experts than LTS. We’re prepared to help you make the most of your cloud computing, with: