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Unlocking new value through AI/ML initiatives

Innovations in AI/ML are revolutionizing the way federal agencies and commercial industries conduct their daily operations. As vital components of ongoing digital transformations, these capabilities assist organizations in extracting valuable insights, automating processes, and driving informed decision-making from vast amounts of raw data.

Key AI/ML initiatives at LTS

LTS is focused on generating new value and strengthening our clients’ existing core competencies by identifying new ways to combine and utilize AI and ML. We place a heightened focus on these tools to help you boost your productivity and gain a deeper understanding of your customers, market dynamics, and internal operations. This not only enables you to increase efficiencies and reduce the burden of performing repetitive tasks, but also allows you to extra value from complex and unstructured data sources.

Our approach

LTS incorporates AI and ML tools into your workplace operations through careful planning and execution. Some of the activities involved in our implementation efforts include:

  • Identifying specific use cases or areas where these technologies will provide value and solve existing problems within the organization.
  • Assessing and assisting with data readiness by evaluating the quality, completeness, and availability of the resources required for AI and ML initiatives.
  • Developing proof of concept to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of these tools in addressing the identified business objectives prior to moving to full-scale implementation.
  • Providing training and upskilling opportunities to employees, including training data scientists, educating business stakeholders, and fostering a data-driven culture among those involved in AI and ML initiatives.
  • Creating a culture of learning and experimentation that promotes knowledge sharing across teams.
  • Continuously monitoring the performance of tools against established metrics and meaningful KPIs.