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Evolving processes and empowering employees for optimal performance

To help organizations advance beyond reactive decision-making, siloed teams, and uncoordinated activities, business leaders need to evolve their processes and reinvest in their employees to achieve fully optimized benchmarks. This requires a methodical approach that identifies organizational weak spots and implements tailored procedures, technology, and cultural norms to enhance overall corporate value.

Guiding companies from informal to fully optimized operations

LTS helps federal agencies and commercial entities mature their organizations by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and human capital development. By streamlining processes and enhancing communications, we empower organizations to swiftly adapt to changing market conditions while establishing an ongoing reputation for excellence. More specifically, our efforts help your organization improve work functions through the elimination of redundant and inefficient processes; reduce costs with improved visibility into departmental tasks; and achieve higher employee and client satisfaction rates due to overall improved business relations.

Our approach

LTS employs a proprietary organizational maturity model that integrates best practices from several well-established methodologies including, Lean and Six Sigma, Agile ISO Maturity Model, Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM), and Process Maturity Framework (PMF).  Some of the activities involved in this approach include:

  • Developing a maturity model that outlines specific criteria and indicators to assess progress in key areas.
  • Performing gap analyses to highlight areas for improvement and prioritize efforts.
  • Creating improvement plans that outline specific actions, timelines, responsibilities, and resources needed for implementation.
  • Conducting workforce planning activities to determine current and future talent needs.
  • Developing effective recruitment and talent acquisition strategies to hire and retain top-quality candidates.
  • Implementing strategies for performance management, succession planning, employee engagement and retention, and diversity and inclusion efforts.