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Powering organizations through digital transformation and modernization effort

As organizations continue to rapidly adopt digital solutions for their workplaces, business leaders are encouraged to implement cohesive and highly integrated knowledge and change management programs that will maintain their ongoing support of their people, processes, and technology. Armed with a unified approach, leaders are assured smooth transitions throughout their digital transformations and modernization initiatives.

Proprietary knowledge and change management integration services

LTS provides synchronized change and knowledge management services that help our clients adopt new technologies, policies, or changes in their daily activities without losing any mission-critical knowledge. We combine academic and industry-based models that create a culture inspired by change and empowered by information. This ultimately helps you improve corporate productivities, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and encourage new ideas and creativity from your stakeholders.

Our approach

LTS uses a comprehensive approach to integrate change and knowledge management best practices for a unified, client-driven solution. Our efforts include the following activities:

  • Creating a change and knowledge management plan that outlines the strategies, activities, and resources needed for individual client projects or enterprise-level initiatives.
  • Forming steering committees comprised of different departments and levels throughout the organization who are charged with leading change and knowledge management activities.
  • Capturing, classifying, and categorizing information from various sources so that knowledge can be easily stored, accessed, and retrieved.
  • Developing centralized repositories to store assets and implement tools to facilitate knowledge sharing throughout the change management process.
  • Developing content for process, policy, and procedure documentation, as well as training and resource materials.
  • Fostering a culture of continuous knowledge sharing, learning, and collaboration that will help individuals throughout the change.