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As an organization develops its information technology (IT) strategy and budget, advances and acceptance of cloud computing, virtualization, and other infrastructure resource management technologies along with the required cyber security capabilities introduces substantial opportunities and complexities.

Major technology investments in the Federal Government are subject to cloud first directives where cloud hosting must be considered.

Cloud hosting options are more widely accepted by IT departments now that hosting entities are offering domestically hosted private, semi-private, and public cloud options.

As more hosting entities become FedRAMP certified, the competition will increase further reducing costs to the government.

LTS, Inc. understands balancing the needs of a complex IT environment, managing competing priorities, leveraging and maximizing limited resources, and realizing the benefits of an IT strategy at the agency and sub-agency levels.

Our experience assessing architecture options and designing target infrastructures take advantage of the latest technologies within the constraints of the client’s tolerance for outsourcing support.

We have developed a project delivery framework over the past 10 years that incorporates principles from the PMI’s PMBOK, ITIL, and industry best practices. Our resources are trained and certified leveraging broad experience to provide clear options for design and deployment of the target infrastructure.

Infrastructure and Architecture Service Offerings:

Infrastructure Analysis and Implementation – The infrastructure supports all aspect of an Agency as it carries out its mission. The rapidly changing technology and capabilities improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization but also create new complexity and risk. LTS, Inc. understands the impact and dependencies of the emerging technology and combines that with the client’s requirements to develop tailored migration paths and solutions. Specific activities include:

Architecture Design – We understand how to design a secure architecture through a layered and modular methodology that provides defense in depth. Our team of infrastructure experts understands that each business and their environment is unique. Therefore, we focus on learning about each client’s individual business goals and requirements. Our ability to pay close attention to details allow us to tailor a cost effective, flexible solution to meet business needs today and tomorrow. We will architect, design, and implement infrastructure solutions that enable our clients to thrive.

Cloud Computing – Whether assessing, planning, and implementing cloud solutions from scratch or evolving existing capabilities to the cloud, our team has experience migrating and managing infrastructure, application, and integrated software solutions deployed to the cloud.  We support our clients as they evolve from virtualized solutions, to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to Platform as a Service (PaaS), and finally to Software as a Service (SaaS).  We have numerous partnerships with hosting providers that are FISMA compliant and are in the early implementation, planning, and support phases of Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a standardized and approved approach to security assessment, accreditation, and ongoing monitoring of Federal cloud solutions. LTS offers an experienced staff to help navigate the “path to the cloud” through an agnostic set of services, solutions, and strategy around multiple cloud platforms (IaaS & PaaS) such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Terremark, and vCGS.

Systems Integration – Whether adding new components to an existing infrastructure environment or performing concurrent upgrades of existing environments, our team has both the hardware and software knowledge to successfully perform systems integration projects. We use a standardized, flexible approach build on our experience to analyze client requirements and engineer a solution that can be successfully integrated into the operating environment. Our team is backed by a robust, proven project management approach to minimize risk and ensure internal accountability.

Virtualization – We specialize in VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and IBM PowerVM. We can provide analyses of virtualization platforms to identify the best options for our clients and help improve their ROI . We will use our experience and know-how to ensure you’re the business infrastructure environment is best fits the virtualization capabilities for server, storage, and networks to enable our client’s success.

Infrastructure Support and Maintenance – Migrating to cloud hosting entities frequently includes aspects of the infrastructure maintenance. The remaining maintenance to support an Agencies operations depends on the specific arrangement negotiated between the parties. The remaining maintenance requires the same disciplined approach. LTS, Inc. provides infrastructure support before during and after migration activities are complete. Specific activities include:

Network Management – Our system administrators and network engineers thoroughly analyze business requirements and provide a technical solution that meets and exceeds project parameters such as time and cost considerations, existing infrastructure environment, and future growth plans. Because of our project-oriented methods, we compress the time required to deliver a documented, functional solution. We make sure the implementation of any solution proceeds smoothly, finishes on time, stays within budget, and works as specified.

Server & SAN Management – With knowledge and experience administering many heterogeneous environments we help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our experts provide infrastructure services such configuration management, asset inventory management, software license tracking and sustainment activities. We ensure the availability of our client’s IT infrastructure and minimize downtime with proactive monitoring and alerting.

Service Desk Operations – A Service Desk is a primary IT service within the discipline of IT service management (ITSM). Our Service Desk operations will solve problems and answer questions quickly and affordably, keeping end-users productive and allowing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Our ITIL best practice approach provides immediate support and long term value. We consistently exceed service levels. Using the ITIL v3 framework and our ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 registered processes, our team support client service operation center needs through fulfilling user requests, resolving service failures, fixing issues, and carrying out routine operational tasks effectively and efficiently.

Clients Supported by LTS Infrastructure and Architecture Offerings

  • Department of Veteran Affairs / Veteran’s Informatics Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) System Administration
  • Department of Veteran Affairs / National Capital Region (NCR) Information Technology Services and Support
  • Department of Commerce / National Security Program Support
  • Department of Defense