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Many organizations have migrated to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems supported by commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) packages designed to contain the primary components of an organization’s business operations.

The complexity of implementing and standardizing processes to achieve the expected returns on the investment requires organizational commitment and the right partner.

LTS employs leaders that have led large, complex transformations to leverage the latest COTS packages integrated into distributed legacy environments to support operations across the country and around the globe. Our business-centric approach, combined with a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of COTS systems, benefits of complementary reporting alternatives, and the importance of user optimization, provides our clients with unrivaled support across the full life cycle of enterprise application systems.

Our Open Source Program Management Framework was developed over 10 years on a number of technology driven projects. We derived our management principles from the PMI’s PMBOK, ITIL, and packaged software implementation methodologies such as Oracle’s AIM/OUM and SAP’s ASAP. Our open source methodology leverages client investments in SDLC, EPLC and Agile methodologies, incorporating industry best practices, and complemented with standards based accelerators to drive continuous improvements, repeatable results and deliverables that your staff is familiar with.

This maximizes the return on your investments and minimizes impact associated with a transition between contractors. We tailor our approach for each client to provide business driven results on complex IT projects.

Enterprise Application and System Integration Service Offerings:

Enterprise Application Planning Services

Enterprise applications projects are substantial based on the cost of the project, the duration, and the impact on the organization and its mission. LTS, Inc. offers a structured approach to conceptualize, plan and, initiate technology projects. We support our clients by establishing clear governance and minimizing risk during the entire lifecycle of the project. We offer an array of services based on the specific needs and requirements of the client and environment, including:

  • Providing Program Management support, including establishing the framework under which the project will operate, such as the schedule, earned value management, establishing governance and risk management processes, and other controls.
  • Developing the Enterprise Solution Roadmap that includes identifying the relevant solution modules, the phasing, and the ultimate to-be state. This visioning process aligns technology with the mission and relevant timeframes.
  • Conducting an Alternative Analysis to support objective decision making for major IT investments based on relevant guidance, including OMB and other authorities. The alternatives are identified, analyzed, compared and documented to provide consistent decision support information. It includes quantitative and qualitative factors that are quantified for comparison and a recommended alternative.
  • Developing a Business Case to document the expected costs and return on investment of the selected solution. This support includes quantitative and qualitative discussions of the solution and the justification for the investment.
  • Supporting Requirements Definition, which centers on identifying functional, technical, and general requirements that support the approved solution with a focus on what the solution needs to accomplish. Standard requirements may need to be reviewed for applicability and in support of standardization across the Agency, Department or Government entity.
  • Performing Package Selection and Evaluation, which is frequently included in the Alternative Analysis but may be done separately. The different packages are evaluated against the documented requirements to determine the vendor solution that provides the best value to the government.
  • Conducting Organizational Change Management during the planning phase. We identify stakeholders, users, and other interested parties and prepare initial communications and stakeholder assessments to establish a baseline against which to measure effectiveness of change management activities.
  • Enterprise Application Transformation Services

    To take full advantage of an investment in technology, the project must be viewed and treated as a transformation. The impact on stakeholders, customers, and users must be addressed to limit risk, provide a mature solution, and control overall investment costs. LTS, Inc. offers a comprehensive approach that benefits the entire enterprise and external stakeholders by providing lower risk solutions from Day 1. We offer an array of transformational services to meet client’s needs and specific requirements, including providing:

  • Program Management, including ongoing management of the project work streams, the schedule, risks, reporting and project change control.
  • Functional Analysis, including translation of functional and general requirements into solutions, fit gaps of requirements to solutions, and functional design for approved extensions, reports, or other development.
  • Technical Analysis, including translation of technical requirements to solutions and processes, technical design and coding for approved extensions reports, and other development.
  • Infrastructure Analysis, including design, development, and deployment of infrastructure to support development and production.
  • Business Transformation, including regular internal and external communications, stakeholder impact, and user readiness. This support helps companies rethink business, operating and models to deliver value.
  • Training, including instructor led, virtual, and other training delivery methods to provide the right training to the right user at the right time.
  • Testing, including unit, integration, performance, user acceptance, and regression testing. Each test focuses to specific areas to provide an optimal solution at go-live.
  • Compliance Analysis, including identifying various compliance requirements and incorporating them in the design, development and testing of the solution. This approach reduces rework after the solution deploys.
  • Enterprise Application Management Services

    The deployment of the technology investment starts the process of realizing the return on investment. Our approach combines all decisions and assumptions to deliver a tested solution where users are fully prepared to operate the system. There is a stabilization period where users move from prepared to proficient. LTS, Inc. offers post production support focused on minimizing the stabilization period, accelerating the return on investment, and applying lessons learned to future application deployments and enhancements. We offer an array of application management services to meet client’s needs and specific requirements, including:

  • Operations Support, which begins with the definition and measure of service following ITIL guidance. We establish and execute operations and support procedures to provide service and support to the end users. We identify and track metrics to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of end user support. We manage the deployment of changes to the environment in the Operations Support effort, which maintains configuration control of the production environment.
  • Enhancement Support, including changes to existing processes and procedures and deployment of new functionality. This support includes unit, integration, and regression testing of changes prior to introduction to the production environment.
  • Infrastructure Support, including maintaining stability of the production, disaster recovery, and other supporting environments. We provide integration and regression testing for patches and upgrades prior to their introduction into the production environment. Our support includes maintaining technical configuration control between production and other environments.
  • Compliance Support, including post production monitoring of compliance, which includes Governance Risk and Compliance, audit requests, and other external requirements.
  • Clients Supported by LTS Enterprise Applications Offerings

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development / Public and Indian Housing – Next Generation of Management Support Budget
  • Formulation and Forecasting
  • USTRANSCOM Transportation Financial Management System (TFMS)
  • Air Mobility Command (AMC) ES / SOA Enterprise Application Framework (EAF)