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Organizations have critical and challenging initiatives to modernize information technology, enhance service delivery, improve infrastructure, and reduce costs. These initiatives not only launch major constituent programs, but also touch a broad sweep of organizations and functions, and generate numerous supplemental or supporting projects. Many organizations do not have the resources available or expertise to manage part or all of the complex programs required to benefit from technology advances. Successful execution and value realization require comprehensive, robust program and project management at multiple levels and across multiple functions. Proper execution requires, in many cases, ancillary activities such as financial analysis, organizational change management, strategic communications, or process development.

Our Open Source Program Management Framework was developed over 10 years on a number of technology driven projects. We derived our management principles from the PMI’s PMBOK, ITIL, and packaged software implementation methodologies such as Oracle’s AIM/OUM and SAP’s ASAP. Our open source methodology leverages client investments in SDLC, EPLC and Agile methodologies, incorporating industry best practices, and complemented with standards based accelerators to drive continuous improvements, repeatable results and deliverables that your staff is familiar with. This maximizes the return on your investments and minimizes impact associated with a transition between contractors. We tailor our approach for each client to provide business driven results on complex IT projects.


LTS offers technology program and project management support on a customizable menu of services basis. LTS can staff all or any combination of roles of the traditional program management office (PMO) model. Providing deeply experienced project managers capable of individually accomplishing all standard project management functions is central to our support. LTS, Inc provides a number support services that may be associated with any given program or project. Our entire service offering can be tailored to meet the specific needs and performance requirements of the target effort. Our seasoned project managers possess extensive professional experience, and most also boast specialized expertise and certification in one or more specific project management domain, such as risk management, agile development, planning and estimating etc.

We leverage the same program management processes and capabilities when delivering technology projects across the Federal market. Our project management culture creates highly productive integrated project teams based on these core values:

  • Forging a true partnership with clients and sub-contractors
  • Aggressively managing risk
  • Promoting quality processes from engagement outset
  • Emphasizing quantified deliverables as the barometer of progress and success

Traditional PMO Support

We offers PMO back office support including project managers, risk managers, communications managers, schedulers, budget analysts, and all other typical PMO roles. We can fill all roles or any subset of PMO roles, with the expertise required to successfully manage cost, schedule and execution performance. These traditional PMO efforts are typically well defined in terms of the number of programs and/or projects to be supported, and the required level of effort. Their experience leading and supporting technology programs provides for rapid startup and reduced risk during the life of the program.

Multi-Functional Project Management Support

Whether providing supplemental support to our clients’ program managers, helping to stand-up a new project management capability, or managing a portfolio of smaller effort projects, we offer a cadre of highly experienced project managers able to tackle challenging programs and projects head on. The efforts supported are often more dynamic in nature with changing number of projects, variable scopes and objectives, and diverse stakeholders. Our seasoned professionals individually and independently provide all required project management services (e.g. cost, schedule, performance, risk and issue management, technical writing, meeting facilitation). Our project managers are well-versed in our clients’ requirements, understand the complexities of technology programs, and are familiar with the constraints and challenges of the operating environment. This compelling combination of versatile skills, seasoned experience, and professional acumen offer an unparalleled capability to meet critical client support needs.

Ancillary Support

Supporting activities are often required to assure successful project execution and deployment, and thus realization of intended project value. These ancillary activities may be associated with a specific program or project phase, e.g., undertaking an extensive financial analysis at program initiation, or may be required throughout program or project duration due to its particular nature, e.g., providing organizational change management support to a program that introduces sweeping organizational or functional changes. LTS offers an extensive spectrum of ancillary support services covering almost all potential areas of project-related support.

Ancillary support services offered include:

  • Asset Management
  • Business Process Development
  • Change Management
  • Financial Management / Analysis
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Planning and Estimating
  • Portfolio Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Project Human Resources Management
  • Quality Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Risk Management
  • Scheduling
  • Strategic Communications
  • Strategic Management and Analysis
  • Technical Writing / Editing
  • Training Development and Delivery


  • VBMS Program Management and Technical Support Services
  • Work Study MS and Flight, OTJ-training, Correspondence, and Apprenticeship System Application Maintenance
  • Service Delivery and Engineering Program Administration Office PM Support
  • VBA VBMS Program Planning and Stakeholder Support Services
  • National Capital Region Campus Information Technology Services and Support
  • Management Consulting Services and Healthcare Revenue Workflow Management Tool
  • Veterans Enterprise Management System
  • Unified Communications Program Office Support
  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment and Enhancement of CBO Business Intelligence
  • Surgical Quality and Workflow Management
  • VA DoD VistA Fee – IPAC Interface Enhancement
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • CBO Power/Power Plus Reporting System
  • Surgical Quality and Workflow Management Services
  • VINCI System Administration Services
  • New Models of Care Program Management Office Support Services
  • Health Care Efficiency PMO Support
  • Health Management Platform – Patient and Population Facing
  • VINCI IT Development Support
  • Independent Verification and Validation and PM Support Services for JALFHCC